Plain language summary for the Boycott Spectrum 10K statement by Autistic people

Edit to include link to my poem reaction after the 10th Sept study ‘pausing’ news (linked on poem entry).

I wanted to have been able to properly formulate an opinion on this, with informative ideas or a stance, but I am too damn tired to add my voice. These fine people have produced a statement that pretty much sums up why this smells so fecking horrific, and why it needs to be further investigated and ideally stopped. Read, decide, sign, forward.

#ActuallyAutistic #StopSpectrum10K #BoycottSpectrum10k


This is the plain language summary for a letter written by lots of Autistic people who are upset about a new study called Spectrum 10K, which was talked about for the first time on the news and social media on Tuesday 24th August 2021.

This letter – also called a statement – is about why we are upset about this new study, and we want as many Autistic people and their friends and family to read why we are upset. If people agree that this study sounds wrong and believe like we do that it is not a good or safe study for Autistic people, then we are asking people who are able to, to sign our statement (letter) to say they agree with us, and to show they support us asking for the study to be changed or even stopped from happening.

The full statement (letter) including where you…

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